Faith: Hebrews 11 Bible Journaling

Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing! Many people think faith is blind. That could not be further from the truth. Faith is based on good evidence. As born again Christians know, the Holy Spirit living inside of us is evidence that Jesus is real and the bible is true. As a non-believer, creation testifies of our Creator. We can’t look at a building and not realize there was a builder or look at a painting and not think there was a painter. Therefore, when we see creation, we have to concede that there was a creator.

I did a bible journaling video on Hebrews 11, known as the faith chapter. I wrote the word faith in big block letters and drew images of heaven on earth that will happen in the thousand year reign of Christ on earth. It will be a beautiful time and if you don’t know Jesus, you need to. Tell Him you’re sorry for your sins, mean it, turn from them, and believe that he loves you and died to pay for your sins so you could be reconciled to Him. Then, you’ll be saved and born again. It will be a miracle and you will be changed. Read the bible; start with the book of John, and pray for understanding and guidance.

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