Die Cutting Machines

Below are some of the die cutting machines that are available from the top merchants in the paper crafting world. I have included some electric models as well as manual so you can have a choice…and there are so many choices aren’t there?! When choosing a die cutting machine, consider what are your purposes for the machine. If you intend to use it to make multiples or larger items (such as for Christmas cards or Scrapbooking, you may want a larger machine so you can cut more items at once or cut larger items. The Spellbinders Platinum has a larger base than the Platinum 6. If you have arthritis or any trouble using your hands, an electric machine might be a good option. The Sizzix Big Shot Switch and the Gemini are electric. I hope this page helps you shop with better information! I am an affiliate with Scrapbook.com and Spellbinders so any purchase you make using the links below will provide a small percentage of the sale to me at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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